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Good Judgment,
Excellent Decisions

Flight Operations Manual
for the Eclipse 500™


Picture of Eclipse customer at home checking the weather on the computer. Picture of wife and kids on desk. On desk is this booklet, open to the flight risk assessment figure.

Cover is above -- first and most important page is below, at the very front of the manual. Fonts and colors (except background color) match marketing collateral. The manual was enhanced with quotes from a classic aviation book.


Your Objectives (in this order):

1.    Be able to fly again tomorrow.
No flight is worth your life. Your family, friends, and we at Eclipse are looking forward to seeing you for years to come.
2.    Get your passengers and yourself to their ultimate destination. The Eclipse 500™ is a tool for transportation. As with all tools, if conditions are not appropriate for this tool, use a different tool. It's okay to cancel or postpone a flight, or use another means of transportation. And, canceling a flight when you "could have made it" may be a sign of prudence, not a sign of weakness.
3.    Get the Eclipse 500™ to the desired airport. When circumstances dictate, and your good judgment and your best decision are to find an alternative to flying the Eclipse 500™ to the desired airport, and you act on that decision, congratulate yourself on your maturity.

“Anyone can do the job when things are going right.
In this business we play for keeps.”

All quotes, used by permission, are from
Fate is the Hunter by Ernest K. Gann.


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